Forensic Images

In the event of litigation holds, employee separations, or other events that require the retention of data and a chain of custody, a forensic image of a disk drive is necessary. A forensic image is a bit-by-bit, sector-by-sector, direct copy of a disk that includes all files, folders, and even unused free space. An algorithm is then applied to both the original and the image to create a hash. If even a single bit is changed from a 0 to a 1, the hash will not match. UniComm provides forensic imaging and certification services for use in eDiscovery as well as secure storage of the original disks.

Secure Data Destruction

When recycling or donating old computer and server hardware, it is important to securely erase disk drives. Data can still be recovered from disks even after formatting them, which could lead to protected or proprietary data being made available. UniComm provides secure data destruction of all types of magnetic disks and solid state drives using NIST SP 800-88 standards. This means writing over every single bit on the disk at least three times, alternating between ones and zeros. Additionally, disks may be magnetically degaussed and/or physically destroyed. A Certificate of Sanitization is provided for every disk.

Compliance or Litigation Hold Cold Storage

When a business needs to maintain a large amount of data, but doesn't necessarily need quick access to it, there's no sense in that data taking up precious disk space on a file server or NAS. UniComm provides cost-effective, secure, cold cloud storage for these cases.

Cold data taking up valuable space? Donating some old PCs to a local charity?

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